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The Cloth Heaven: Pasar Mayestik

For the first time in my life, I went to the well-known cloth market, Pasar Mayestik. Again, in Blok M. What is it with Blok M and wedding preparation?

The first time I and my partner arrived at the market, I was stunned. I thought it would be like Tanah Abang or Thamrin City, a building full of stalls. It was not. It consisted of many shops, individual ones, and they were not inside a building. This is the kind of market that I like. I don’t really like being in a crowded place, I easily feel suffocated, so this open space market with people walking, car honking, sun shining, really makes me happy.

My partner parked the vehicle and asked, “Which shop?”. I answered with hesitation, but I finally said “Fancy,”. Yes, Fancy was one of the most talked shop in the forum each time I searched about where to buy cloth for wedding costumes. One of the blogger said it was the cheapest shop around.

Unfortunately, the Fancy shop we saw from the market entrance was closed that day. The shop was on renovation. Luckily we asked one of the men there and he said that another Fancy shop was still opened on another side of the market. Alhamdulillah. But since we had to walk a little, we decided to stop by the shops we passed.

The first shop we stopped by was Mumbay. The shop was not crowded, only a few people in it, and there were many shopkeepers. One of them asked me what I was looking for, and showed me the clothes that were usually used to make the kebaya I want. It’s been a long time since the last time I shopped for clothes, so I haven’t had any standard for the price in this shop. They offered me beautiful sequined lace in nude-ish gold, the color I’m looking for, for almost half a million per meter. I asked for a bonus, “Can I have it with free lining?”. The Indian that the shopkeeper asked said yes.


(I already knew from past experiences in Pasar Baru that most of cloth shops are owned by Indians (if not all), but still I wondered about how it always happened).

Anyway, I knew it sounded cheap, but I was glued to the doctrine that Fancy was the cheapest. I walked on. I stopped by another store, and asked for a few clothes, but the clothes were not so good and the price was not too low.

So I walked again, straight to Fancy. Along the way, I saw why Pasar Mayestik was really more than just clothes shops center. There were a lot of street vendors selling food (kue ape, my favorite!), ceramics, and also a shop full of sewing materials. I may talk about this later in next post after my next visit. *so many conditions applied*

When I finally stepped on Fancy, I was overwhelmed. So many people! So many signs of discount! So many rolls of cloth! So messy! I felt like walking into a warehouse, a fun one, and got ready to get lost. Then an Indian man approached me and my partner, asking what we’re looking for. I answered in Bahasa Indonesia, not absolutely sure what language to speak because he still had a strong accent, but he then spoke in Bahasa Indonesia clearly. Fuh.


He brought us to the third floor, where the rolls of lace cloth located, and there I saw girls and their moms–and some were accompanied by their fiance, busy trying and choosing lace clothes in various beautiful colors. One woman was assigned to help me shopping, and I directly told her what I searched. I told her I was looking for clothes for my mom and my mother-in-law’s kebayas. After a while she gave one last piece of cloth, full of sequins and swarovski, 3.35 meters, for only Rp1.260.000,00. Now, that’s what I called cheap.


Then I searched for cloth for my midodareni kebaya, and she gave me the lace in the color I wanted, costed only around Rp100.000,00 per meter, which I was sure costed thirty percents more in Mumbay, which I took immediately. And for my mom and my mother-in-law’s kebayas for midodareni, she offered me a roll of sequined lace, not even twice the price of my cloth per meter, which I was pretty sure cheaper than Mumbay or any other shops around.

Why was everything so cheap?!

I got clothes for 5 kebaya, only one of them that didn’t have sequins on it, for less than I expected. I even spent almost half of what I paid only for the lace for my engagement kebaya when I shopped in Pasar Baru. Is this the real life or is this fantasy~

Well, to be fair, perhaps the quality of the product was different from Mumbay or other shops around or shops in Pasar Baru. I am not a picky costumer. If it has the color I want, it feels good on my skin, and it is proper for the costume I want to make, it is good enough for me.

Long live Fancy!


Busy grinning,



*kebaya is a traditional blouse-dress combination, national costume of Indonesia that is originated from Java

*midodareni is a Javanese ceremony held at the night before the wedding

*kue ape is a soft and fluffy center pancake surrounded with thin and crispy crepes