Image to Word: The Converter App Review

Few days ago, I started using an application named Image to Word, an app which basically does what its name says: converting image to word. The first time I tried this app, I was captivated. I mean, all my life I’ve been retyping all documents in image format to edit them. Now, I don’t have to. Superb!

At work, it helps a lot when I need to rewrite my work-related documents. Basically I just need to copy paste it and just add some words, adjust some sentences; but not all the documents comes in electronic copy. They come in papers. They make me retype and retype. Ugh. But this time-consuming task finally can be cut, thanks to this app!

You can see how this app comes in a clean and functional design, a simple kind of app, which makes it easy to use. I just need to tap the plus button in the app to go to camera for capturing the paper I want, crop the part I need to transform into a Word document, then voila, it is converted.


This is how the app looks like. Clean.

You can crop the document you capture, but even if you scan the whole page, like this, it will be just fine. It won’t affect the converting process anyhow.


This is what it looks like when the converting process is on. What is so wonderful about this app is it only takes 1 minute or less to convert the whole page I scan/capture. Isn’t it great?


I tried to open the document in my phone but it was so messy, perhaps because I didn’t have any Word app in my phone. Then I opened it in my PC, and it was great. It was neat. There were some sentences that were not aligned but it was only like 5% of the page. Good enough for me.


What the conversion looks like in phone


What the conversion looks like in PC. Nice!

This is the kind of app that I should have known since long time ago, when I was busy working on my papers at high school or college, or when I was writing my thesis. You know, that dreadful moment when the best journal (or book) you find in the internet or digital library is the one which is not available in pdf format, instead it is in an image format. Or, when the most important thing you need to put in your papers or work is in the most precious book in the library so that the librarian won’t ever let you bring the book home, not even photocopy it, let alone have the digital version of it, so all you can do is just typing word per word as fast as you can before the library is closed. Seriously, if only I had known about this app, I would not have spent too much time retyping my theories and previous researches when I was working on my thesis. I would have worked more efficiently.

For someone who loves to read and write, and work with documents involved, this app helps a lot. 3/5. And the score mostly because I love how fast it converts files.

Find it in PlayStore or AppStore, and tell me what you think about it! 🙂


Happy converting!


P.S.: I use the paid version. If you use the free version, perhaps the converting time is not as fast as it should be. It only takes less than 25.000 rupiah for a lifetime so I suggest that everyone just take it.


Between: The ‘Couple App’ Review

Not so long ago, my boyfriend asked me to install an application for couple that he found few days before. The app is named Between. Sounds good, I thought. He then offered to install it to my phone–because installing a new app was too much work for my slow phone, thanks to my laziness to move the photos from my phone memory.

My boyfriend’s main reason to install this app for us was because we needed a shared calendar. Being a type A, I often get everything scheduled and have the urge to fulfill the schedule. Unfortunately, I usually forget to tell him the whole plan, and get annoyed if the schedule is not followed. I am the one who needs this, actually. Haha. Using Between, we both will get the notifications each time new task is added. Between the tasks at work and everything we needed to do in daily life, this is such a functional feature. This is like Evernote or Trello etc in more fun form. I love it. Now I don’t have to remind him over and over again about my movies plans and he doesn’t have to tell me repeatedly about his business trip schedules–so that I do not make other plans when he has to work–and our agenda can finally be organized. No hassle, no squabble.


We put everything we both need to do, either together or just for one of us, no matter how insignificant the task is. (However, for a person like me, there is no such thing as insignificant task). But this app is more than just a shared calendar. This app is super private. It can only contain two users, which in my case are romantically involved, and this is basically like a small private social media for couples. There is a chat app inside, and it’s filled with cutesy lovey-dovey stickers (those are gifs, by the way).


It also has a Memory Box where we can store photos, videos, notes, etc, and we can see it all in the home screen. Lovely, although I am not sure this will make my home screen feel like home if I put too many things in the memory box.


To add more lovely nuance, Between also has a events (put-your-important-dates) feature and show it in our home screen. Oh, of course, we can change the home screen to our own photo. Like those cover photos in other social media apps.


Wonderful, eh?

If you’re attached to your lover and your lives have tangled up to the point you can’t deny that you feel like you’re going to explode arranging schedules, use this app. It’s amazing to have your life finally get back on track again. Really.

But if you’re not that attached, or not really into the guy or girl you’re with (let’s assume we use this for romantically involved partner, though surely you can use this for work too), or this app brings too much commitment (darling, I can see where you are and what you’re supposed to do at what time), or you’re simply someone who doesn’t want your personal space to be invaded, perhaps this app is not for you.

3/5. And that 3 mostly comes from the shared calendar.

Have you ever tried this app?


Organized and happy,


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The Search of The Ring in Jakarta: Kaliem

The first thing we bought when the wedding date was set was the ring.

In the middle of a hot day, my partner took me to the most reviewed jewelry store in the city (based on my own research): Kaliem. It is located in Blok M, inside of Blok M Square, South Jakarta. When I arrived, I saw a lot–really, a loooot–of rings that I was sure Gollum won’t bother about Frodo and just left his ring and chose another from this store. It surprised me to see how crowded that place was. There were plenty other jewelry stores in that place and only Kaliem that had a lot of people in it, looking at the rings one by one and chose and talked and bargained and sighed.

That’s exactly what I did. I looked at the rings, chose, talked, bargained, and then sighed because it was too expensive. The first ring I tried on had six diamonds on it, costed me 27 millions rupiah. That’s why I sighed, and then gave the ring back to the woman that was assigned to help me to choose my ring–err, our rings. The woman kindly explained to me that, “Well, I don’t recommend you to choose that ring to be your wedding ring. You’re going to wear it everyday. Diamonds have tendency to fall off, it’s an inherent risk. I don’t think you want it to happen. They’re expensive. Well, unless you only stay at home all day and do nothing with your hands, though. It’ll be fine then,”.

I laughed. Thank you, Mbak. Such a kind consolation. I then moved on and began to search for another.

The problem was I knew exactly what kind of ring I wanted to wear as my wedding ring. Compromise, I whispered to myself. Compromise. Compromise. It’s not the end of the world if you can’t wear the many-stoned ring in your finger. Compromise. But they are so beautiful, I want them. Compromise. Geez, they’re so out of my budget. Compromise. I don’t want to take the risk of losing the diamonds either. Compromise.

Then I came to a decision–after like more than an hour. Hahaha. My partner is the most patient person in the world, really. We actually spent an hour only to find my ring, since we already chose his ring since the very first time we arrived. Easy. He will only wear simple designed ring, no diamond needed, and he can’t wear jewelry made of gold (it is restricted in our religion). We decided to have palladium ring for him, a silver-colored metal, which narrowed my choice because we want to have same-colored rings. Kaliem had wonderful rose-gold rings, they looked really good in my tanned skin. If you don’t have a fair skin like those pretty girls in Korean drama, go for rose-gold ones, I swear it is good, like real good! I couldn’t choose them though. Compromise, I whispered to myself again, you don’t want to wear a different ring from your husband (for a sentimental reason). Then I decided to choose a beautiful simple white gold ring that looked normal to be worn everyday.

I actually a little bit hesitated to buy rings in Kaliem because I heard that another store had lower price than it. But when this hesitation came, I already found the ring that I wanted (the last one, not the six-stoned ring), and my partner didn’t mind paying for the price the store gave us. It was not really expensive though. Perhaps I could find another store that could give us lower price, perhaps Rp500.000,00 lower, but I didn’t think I had energy left to find another rings just like what I chose. What made the price a little bit higher in Kaliem was because they counted the cost for the making of the ring for each gram of it, while another store usually just gave an additional cost without counting it per gram. The cost of the making is the only thing that you can bargain with the jewelry stores. So if you only wanted ordinary rings, a plain rings perhaps, not a custom-made one, I suggested you to think twice and bargain hard or leave to another store.

But I think if you’ve already been there, if you already tried on many beautiful shiny rings on your fingers there (because you can, and they suggest you to, and they’re just so kind, giving you any rings that you want–but you can’t bring them home because you can’t afford them *cry), I don’t think you want to visit another store. Especially if you’re fasting. Choosing rings in one place for an hour and a half is exhausting already.

Anyway, one box ticked. Yay!


Been practicing to say “my precious”,



*Mbak literally means big sister in Javanese. It is a common word to call/greet young women in Indonesia.

*the picture is taken from my friend’s blog, Esti’s.





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Happiness Challenge: Day 10

Huffington Post says day-10 challenge is the one I am going to like. They ask me to watch my favorite film! Nice. Surely, the one I am going to like, but this challenge will also be the one I need to allocate my time to work on.

After scrolling up and down my film folder on a bad day, I choose Ruby Sparks (2012) to watch.


Ruby Sparks is basically a story about how Calvin meets Ruby, only the story is not as ordinary as another love stories. It becomes my favorite film for some obvious reasons: its brilliant idea, its tone, its dialogues, and personally because it has a writer in it as the main character. Actually, watching this film, I can’t help but cursing and wishing that I were the one who wrote this film. The idea is simple, but executed well, and I don’t think I have watched another films that sell the same idea. (If you think there are another ones, please tell me!)

My most favorite scene is the swimming pool scene. Sooooo beautiful. (My artsy senior will label me as a “slave of beauty” but well what can I do about that).

ruby sparks

ruby sparks 1

ruby sparks 2

ruby sparks 3

Ruby Sparks has this one scene which is so emotional that I myself ache and cry. It is the scene that takes place in Calvin’s house, where they just have a fight and Calvin starts typing and Ruby starts dancing and screaming stuff. Zoe Kazan, the cool girl who acts as Ruby, who also somehow has the ability to contribute to this film as writer, acts so well in this scene. She is a promising young talent.

Anyway, here is one of the quotable dialogues.

ruby sparks 7


Told you, I am cheesy,