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Happiness Challenge: Day 10

Huffington Post says day-10 challenge is the one I am going to like. They ask me to watch my favorite film! Nice. Surely, the one I am going to like, but this challenge will also be the one I need to allocate my time to work on.

After scrolling up and down my film folder on a bad day, I choose Ruby Sparks (2012) to watch.


Ruby Sparks is basically a story about how Calvin meets Ruby, only the story is not as ordinary as another love stories. It becomes my favorite film for some obvious reasons: its brilliant idea, its tone, its dialogues, and personally because it has a writer in it as the main character. Actually, watching this film, I can’t help but cursing and wishing that I were the one who wrote this film. The idea is simple, but executed well, and I don’t think I have watched another films that sell the same idea. (If you think there are another ones, please tell me!)

My most favorite scene is the swimming pool scene. Sooooo beautiful. (My artsy senior will label me as a “slave of beauty” but well what can I do about that).

ruby sparks

ruby sparks 1

ruby sparks 2

ruby sparks 3

Ruby Sparks has this one scene which is so emotional that I myself ache and cry. It is the scene that takes place in Calvin’s house, where they just have a fight and Calvin starts typing and Ruby starts dancing and screaming stuff. Zoe Kazan, the cool girl who acts as Ruby, who also somehow has the ability to contribute to this film as writer, acts so well in this scene. She is a promising young talent.

Anyway, here is one of the quotable dialogues.

ruby sparks 7


Told you, I am cheesy,