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Happiness Challenge: Day 10

Huffington Post says day-10 challenge is the one I am going to like. They ask me to watch my favorite film! Nice. Surely, the one I am going to like, but this challenge will also be the one I need to allocate my time to work on.

After scrolling up and down my film folder on a bad day, I choose Ruby Sparks (2012) to watch.


Ruby Sparks is basically a story about how Calvin meets Ruby, only the story is not as ordinary as another love stories. It becomes my favorite film for some obvious reasons: its brilliant idea, its tone, its dialogues, and personally because it has a writer in it as the main character. Actually, watching this film, I can’t help but cursing and wishing that I were the one who wrote this film. The idea is simple, but executed well, and I don’t think I have watched another films that sell the same idea. (If you think there are another ones, please tell me!)

My most favorite scene is the swimming pool scene. Sooooo beautiful. (My artsy senior will label me as a “slave of beauty” but well what can I do about that).

ruby sparks

ruby sparks 1

ruby sparks 2

ruby sparks 3

Ruby Sparks has this one scene which is so emotional that I myself ache and cry. It is the scene that takes place in Calvin’s house, where they just have a fight and Calvin starts typing and Ruby starts dancing and screaming stuff. Zoe Kazan, the cool girl who acts as Ruby, who also somehow has the ability to contribute to this film as writer, acts so well in this scene. She is a promising young talent.

Anyway, here is one of the quotable dialogues.

ruby sparks 7


Told you, I am cheesy,






Happiness Challenge: Day 9

Today’s challenge is to create a vision board. Huffington Post said that having ambitious plans can make us happier. I was like, “How come?”. Because, doesn’t ambitious plan make you miserable, for it makes you wish for things you don’t have (yet)?

They explained that, “it’s about stretching yourself and aiming high, while still hanging on to a bit of realism.

Awesome. Now I have scientific excuse for my ambitious personality.

However, I did my homework. I made a vision board.

AULIA vision board

Mostly the things I put in the vision board are the things I want to achieve in the next 5 years. School and stuff (you can see the DELF logo, right?). I don’t put “to make difference” or “to make my surroundings a better place to live” since it is impossible to put it in my 5-year plan. Not too ambitious, I guess. Let’s hope that the law of attraction works and universe will conspire to help me make those goals come true.

What’s your most ambitious goal in life?


Busy planning her life,




Happiness Challenge: Day 8

The challenge for today is to plan a date with the one I love. Not specifically has to be with my partner, I can arrange a date with my family or friends.

But tonight I choose to have a date with my partner.

We always meet everyday, but this week I have spent some nights going to see my friends, see my dentist, and see my boss (a.k.a. having overtime, but I do it gladly), and he deserves to have my attention for a day without any distraction. Tonight we are going to go to nowhere and just become couch potato (but we have no couch). We usually just spend our time to talk or watch Youtube videos or Viddsee films together. Or, as what usually happens ever since we are together as friends, we will do our own assignments and talk during the work because interesting things come up. Like right now, while listening to Kings of Convenience, he is doing his work assignment and I am writing this post (and being interrupted because he wants to talk to me about something and asks if I want some oat biscuits).

To me, having a date is an essential thing in relationship. Not about where you go or what you do, but about how much time you are disposed to spend with your loved ones. You know, about how you put your loved ones as priority.

Anyway, here is a video that we took the night we went home from the dentist appointment.

If a date means just strolling around this busy town on a Vespa, I will totally take it.


Busy munching oat biscuits,



Happiness Challenge: Day 7

Today’s challenge is the easiest. I am asked to perform an act of gratitude. In 5 minutes, I have to write down 3 things that I am happy to have in my life.

For a melancholic romantic person like me, this is predictable. How can  I not be grateful for having a person who is not only literally always there for me but also very wonderful in everything he does? (Geez, I’m blindly in love, aren’t I?)

  • The beautiful minds around me

I am someone who needs to have or at least listen to interesting talks everyday. Like, everyday. Or I will be dead bored. Thankfully, I have friends whose thoughts are too interesting to ignore.

  • The universe

I know this may sound cliche. But I do feel thankful for the universe. The feeling comes not only when I see big wonderful things like how beautiful our galaxy is, but also when I see the sun sets, when I see the houses pass me fast when I am on the train, when I see couples holding hands and walking like they’re glued to each other, when I see kindness spreading like virus, when I see children asking questions so often that I am overwhelmed, when I see the ones I love laugh happily. I can’t help but smiling each time I remember these things.


Cheesy as she always is,



Happiness Challenge: Day 6

For day 6, Huffpost asked me to….unfriend people on Facebook. Now, this is hard! Not that I am really into Facebook, I personally rarely open my account on it, but sorting friends on Facebook is too much for me. I have almost (or more than, not sure) 3,000 friends on Facebook. It is much easier to just stop opening Facebook than deleting my “friends”one by one.

But, I totally get the point. One of my resolutions for 2016 is less followings, only it is on Instagram, another social media platform. I think, the less we have strangers in our social media, the better our lives will be. Doesn’t mean that we totally have to close our accounts from strangers, I mean strangers can be our friends in the future, but we have to be (more) selective, especially if you are just like me who often share personal life in social media.

Or, better yet, to have less social media. My partner had pointed this so-called social media addiction out of me ever since we were friends. I struggle to accept this accusation. I keep telling myself that I am not addicted to social media, that I only use it in rational hour. But then again, I think this has something to do with my failure in being present. How can I be present if all I do is staring at my phone and typing to someone who is far rather than talking to somebody close by?

So, less social media it is. Instead of deleting friends, I choose to stop opening my social media. (Speaking of which, deleting my accounts in social media is not an option because I have done it once and I end up making another account. No use, really).

Let’s see if this will make me happier or not.


Struggling to not open her Twitter account,





Happiness Challenge: Day 5

For day 5, Huffington Post asked me to set up my desk at work. Considering that I spend almost 11 hours at the office, this sounds great!

perk the workplace

I would love to do all that Huffpost suggests but there is always ‘but’. It is impossible for me to have daylight exposure (too bad, I love sitting next to windows), but it is possible to get live plants. During my lunchtime today I went to Farmer’s Market and buy cactus. Hello, little fella. 🙂



From a new spiky plant owner,



Happiness Challenge: Day 4

Challenge for day 4 is less-frown commuting.

This is kind of hard…because I can say that I hardly have reasons for frown in commuting. And I AM SO HAPPY FOR THAT.

One month ago, when I was waiting for my workplace to decide which office I was going to work in, I was thinking about some things related to the possibility of the office options. Since the most probable offices for me were the ones in Jakarta, I considered about the distance and the way I reached the place from my grandmother’s house in which I lived. I don’t like being trapped in traffic jams everyday, I can’t stand commuting by train everyday if it includes competing to have 30 cm x 30 cm space with hundreds of other people for more than half an hour.

And, as I always believe, universe is kind.

I get to work in an office near a train station. And by ‘near’ I mean near, it is only 50 meters from the station. That means I can walk calmly everyday. And the better news is, the station is only 2 stations away from my grandmother’s house. Everyday I will just have to go to train station, which is also near from my grandmother’s house and never gets crowded in the morning, take the train for like 10 minutes, and then walk to the office for 7 minutes. Aren’t I the luckiest? No traffic jam, no thrusting with hundreds of people, and I get to walk with no rush.

So, no, I can’t finish the challenge for day 4. I can’t do less-frown commuting. I have done no-frown one after all. 🙂


Regards from the lucky girl,