Between: The ‘Couple App’ Review

Not so long ago, my boyfriend asked me to install an application for couple that he found few days before. The app is named Between. Sounds good, I thought. He then offered to install it to my phone–because installing a new app was too much work for my slow phone, thanks to my laziness to move the photos from my phone memory.

My boyfriend’s main reason to install this app for us was because we needed a shared calendar. Being a type A, I often get everything scheduled and have the urge to fulfill the schedule. Unfortunately, I usually forget to tell him the whole plan, and get annoyed if the schedule is not followed. I am the one who needs this, actually. Haha. Using Between, we both will get the notifications each time new task is added. Between the tasks at work and everything we needed to do in daily life, this is such a functional feature. This is like Evernote or Trello etc in more fun form. I love it. Now I don’t have to remind him over and over again about my movies plans and he doesn’t have to tell me repeatedly about his business trip schedules–so that I do not make other plans when he has to work–and our agenda can finally be organized. No hassle, no squabble.


We put everything we both need to do, either together or just for one of us, no matter how insignificant the task is. (However, for a person like me, there is no such thing as insignificant task). But this app is more than just a shared calendar. This app is super private. It can only contain two users, which in my case are romantically involved, and this is basically like a small private social media for couples. There is a chat app inside, and it’s filled with cutesy lovey-dovey stickers (those are gifs, by the way).


It also has a Memory Box where we can store photos, videos, notes, etc, and we can see it all in the home screen. Lovely, although I am not sure this will make my home screen feel like home if I put too many things in the memory box.


To add more lovely nuance, Between also has a events (put-your-important-dates) feature and show it in our home screen. Oh, of course, we can change the home screen to our own photo. Like those cover photos in other social media apps.


Wonderful, eh?

If you’re attached to your lover and your lives have tangled up to the point you can’t deny that you feel like you’re going to explode arranging schedules, use this app. It’s amazing to have your life finally get back on track again. Really.

But if you’re not that attached, or not really into the guy or girl you’re with (let’s assume we use this for romantically involved partner, though surely you can use this for work too), or this app brings too much commitment (darling, I can see where you are and what you’re supposed to do at what time), or you’re simply someone who doesn’t want your personal space to be invaded, perhaps this app is not for you.

3/5. And that 3 mostly comes from the shared calendar.

Have you ever tried this app?


Organized and happy,