Image to Word: The Converter App Review

Few days ago, I started using an application named Image to Word, an app which basically does what its name says: converting image to word. The first time I tried this app, I was captivated. I mean, all my life I’ve been retyping all documents in image format to edit them. Now, I don’t have to. Superb!

At work, it helps a lot when I need to rewrite my work-related documents. Basically I just need to copy paste it and just add some words, adjust some sentences; but not all the documents comes in electronic copy. They come in papers. They make me retype and retype. Ugh. But this time-consuming task finally can be cut, thanks to this app!

You can see how this app comes in a clean and functional design, a simple kind of app, which makes it easy to use. I just need to tap the plus button in the app to go to camera for capturing the paper I want, crop the part I need to transform into a Word document, then voila, it is converted.


This is how the app looks like. Clean.

You can crop the document you capture, but even if you scan the whole page, like this, it will be just fine. It won’t affect the converting process anyhow.


This is what it looks like when the converting process is on. What is so wonderful about this app is it only takes 1 minute or less to convert the whole page I scan/capture. Isn’t it great?


I tried to open the document in my phone but it was so messy, perhaps because I didn’t have any Word app in my phone. Then I opened it in my PC, and it was great. It was neat. There were some sentences that were not aligned but it was only like 5% of the page. Good enough for me.


What the conversion looks like in phone


What the conversion looks like in PC. Nice!

This is the kind of app that I should have known since long time ago, when I was busy working on my papers at high school or college, or when I was writing my thesis. You know, that dreadful moment when the best journal (or book) you find in the internet or digital library is the one which is not available in pdf format, instead it is in an image format. Or, when the most important thing you need to put in your papers or work is in the most precious book in the library so that the librarian won’t ever let you bring the book home, not even photocopy it, let alone have the digital version of it, so all you can do is just typing word per word as fast as you can before the library is closed. Seriously, if only I had known about this app, I would not have spent too much time retyping my theories and previous researches when I was working on my thesis. I would have worked more efficiently.

For someone who loves to read and write, and work with documents involved, this app helps a lot. 3/5. And the score mostly because I love how fast it converts files.

Find it in PlayStore or AppStore, and tell me what you think about it! 🙂


Happy converting!


P.S.: I use the paid version. If you use the free version, perhaps the converting time is not as fast as it should be. It only takes less than 25.000 rupiah for a lifetime so I suggest that everyone just take it.


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