After-hours Activity

One of the common question that I get lately is “what do you do after office hours?”. I usually remain silent for a while and think–then answer “nothing”. They usually then guess that I must spend the whole night reading everyday, which makes me laugh, since if that is what I do, I must be walking like a zombie every morning.

My after hours activity consists of conventional things. Dinner, conversation, perhaps some movies or books, or some friends to meet. Sometimes, if I am in the middle of a project, I may have some meetings related to the project in the evening. Very normal, considering that I am in an attempt to do appeasing routine in my life. In fact, one of my favorite after-hours activity happens in the office.

Every Wednesday, after office hour ends, some of my colleagues in the office will gather in the meeting room and take turns presenting anything related to our own job every week. You may find this silly. Like, seriously, why would we talk about our own job, in the office, after office hours?

The truth is this is an effective alternative for us to share our knowledge. Just like other office, we have divisions, and those are divided to administrative and technical divisions. The difference between our office and other kind of office is, almost all of the staff do not know in what division they will be; they do not apply for position in the office. The office gives them (us) the placement. Almost all of them (us) will have administrative job. They (we) have to accept it and that is it. So it is not strange for us to find that the secretary, whose job is nothing close to auditing, is someone who graduates from an accounting degree and has experience in being auditor in some firms. It is ubiquitous.

This Wednesday meeting helps me to know what happens in another parts of the office and what my co-workers are working on in general. Well, I work in a very specific field, so it is easy for people to overrate us and always–always–ask us about technical things. This meeting helps a lot. A lot. Even my boss supports this initiative, she said that this was a great thing to do, considering that people didn’t care about in what position we were in the office, in what division, what actually we worked on in the office; they would still assume that we had a perfect knowledge about everything in our field, and they would ask about things, more precisely, anything technical. This is true. However, attending this meeting makes me updated with the current events in our job field, acquire more familiarity with the most updated procedures and regulations, and most of all, I feel like having a fulfilling break from clerical matters.

Today I got the opportunity to do a presentation in the meeting. They asked me to talk about transfer pricing, which they did because they saw a big book titled so in my cubicle, so I gave them an introduction. This was a familiar topic hence there was a fascinating discussion happened in the table. My co-workers were nice, they were not hesitating in asking questions or giving their viewpoint in the case. I was just happy. I’d like to do more of this.

ngjar tp di kantor


Craving to learn some more,



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