Birthday Gift for A Coffeephile

As always, I am trapped between my glorious ideas and plans–and my procrastinating habit.

Last month, my partner turned 26 and since the beginning of the month I had been thinking about what to give as birthday gift. First, I made a list about things he needed, with BRODO shoes on the top of the list. But then again, I thought that he already had his own favorite shoes (another BRODO) and giving him another shoes won’t be necessary at that time. Then I moved to another list, a list of things he liked. The only things on my list were coffee and leather. Yes, only two. Though he actually had a broad range of interest, I decided to minimize my choice due to my chronic indecisiveness. Had I decided to put every possibility to the list, I might have spent the whole month to consider what to buy and ended up buying the first thing I could in online store.

After so many clicks on PC and thousands of online store visited, I came to a decision. I would give him something that related to coffee. Anyway, between the two choices, I crossed ‘leather’ from my list for a silly reason. He gave me leather for my birthday, I could not give the same thing on his, right? It seemed inept for a gift-giver like me. (I took gift giving seriously indeed).

Some friends of mine who were expert on coffee, those who took barista and coffee school, told me that a hand coffee grinder would be a good thing for a start. After some chats with some friends, I decided to buy him a Hario hand grinder. I bought it from Otten Coffee.




He was so excited when he opened up the gift. He brings it to the office and use it everyday to make his afternoon black coffee.

Not a bad decision at all.






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