Sunday Running in the Park

As I gained 10 kilograms compared to how I weighed usually last year, I decided to go for a run at least once a week.

I spend every Sunday morning in the last few weeks, quite early, to put on my running shoes (a Nike Lunarlon, been accompanying me since some years ago), and go to the nearest park. I usually go to Tebet Honda Park to run, until my friend tells me that the park across this park is much more comfortable for runners since people rarely hang out in that park on Sunday morning. I think it is named Tebet Gas Park, but I am not sure.

Different from its neighbor, this park still seems natural. By ‘natural’ I mean there is more trees and less place to hang out. No well-maintained “fitness center”, no bench, no playground for kids, no street vendors. But there is a clean and long jogging track, reflexology stone path, and some shelters for sitting. Good!



Aulia A. Agassi



And with stunning rays of sunshine around, we can’t help but taking some pictures.




Running out of breath,



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