Happiness Challenge: Day 9

Today’s challenge is to create a vision board. Huffington Post said that having ambitious plans can make us happier. I was like, “How come?”. Because, doesn’t ambitious plan make you miserable, for it makes you wish for things you don’t have (yet)?

They explained that, “it’s about stretching yourself and aiming high, while still hanging on to a bit of realism.

Awesome. Now I have scientific excuse for my ambitious personality.

However, I did my homework. I made a vision board.

AULIA vision board

Mostly the things I put in the vision board are the things I want to achieve in the next 5 years. School and stuff (you can see the DELF logo, right?). I don’t put “to make difference” or “to make my surroundings a better place to live” since it is impossible to put it in my 5-year plan. Not too ambitious, I guess. Let’s hope that the law of attraction works and universe will conspire to help me make those goals come true.

What’s your most ambitious goal in life?


Busy planning her life,




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