Happiness Challenge: Day 7

Today’s challenge is the easiest. I am asked to perform an act of gratitude. In 5 minutes, I have to write down 3 things that I am happy to have in my life.

For a melancholic romantic person like me, this is predictable. How can  I not be grateful for having a person who is not only literally always there for me but also very wonderful in everything he does? (Geez, I’m blindly in love, aren’t I?)

  • The beautiful minds around me

I am someone who needs to have or at least listen to interesting talks everyday. Like, everyday. Or I will be dead bored. Thankfully, I have friends whose thoughts are too interesting to ignore.

  • The universe

I know this may sound cliche. But I do feel thankful for the universe. The feeling comes not only when I see big wonderful things like how beautiful our galaxy is, but also when I see the sun sets, when I see the houses pass me fast when I am on the train, when I see couples holding hands and walking like they’re glued to each other, when I see kindness spreading like virus, when I see children asking questions so often that I am overwhelmed, when I see the ones I love laugh happily. I can’t help but smiling each time I remember these things.


Cheesy as she always is,



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