Happiness Challenge: Day 6

For day 6, Huffpost asked me to….unfriend people on Facebook. Now, this is hard! Not that I am really into Facebook, I personally rarely open my account on it, but sorting friends on Facebook is too much for me. I have almost (or more than, not sure) 3,000 friends on Facebook. It is much easier to just stop opening Facebook than deleting my “friends”one by one.

But, I totally get the point. One of my resolutions for 2016 is less followings, only it is on Instagram, another social media platform. I think, the less we have strangers in our social media, the better our lives will be. Doesn’t mean that we totally have to close our accounts from strangers, I mean strangers can be our friends in the future, but we have to be (more) selective, especially if you are just like me who often share personal life in social media.

Or, better yet, to have less social media. My partner had pointed this so-called social media addiction out of me ever since we were friends. I struggle to accept this accusation. I keep telling myself that I am not addicted to social media, that I only use it in rational hour. But then again, I think this has something to do with my failure in being present. How can I be present if all I do is staring at my phone and typing to someone who is far rather than talking to somebody close by?

So, less social media it is. Instead of deleting friends, I choose to stop opening my social media. (Speaking of which, deleting my accounts in social media is not an option because I have done it once and I end up making another account. No use, really).

Let’s see if this will make me happier or not.


Struggling to not open her Twitter account,





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