Happiness Challenge: Day 4

Challenge for day 4 is less-frown commuting.

This is kind of hard…because I can say that I hardly have reasons for frown in commuting. And I AM SO HAPPY FOR THAT.

One month ago, when I was waiting for my workplace to decide which office I was going to work in, I was thinking about some things related to the possibility of the office options. Since the most probable offices for me were the ones in Jakarta, I considered about the distance and the way I reached the place from my grandmother’s house in which I lived. I don’t like being trapped in traffic jams everyday, I can’t stand commuting by train everyday if it includes competing to have 30 cm x 30 cm space with hundreds of other people for more than half an hour.

And, as I always believe, universe is kind.

I get to work in an office near a train station. And by ‘near’ I mean near, it is only 50 meters from the station. That means I can walk calmly everyday. And the better news is, the station is only 2 stations away from my grandmother’s house. Everyday I will just have to go to train station, which is also near from my grandmother’s house and never gets crowded in the morning, take the train for like 10 minutes, and then walk to the office for 7 minutes. Aren’t I the luckiest? No traffic jam, no thrusting with hundreds of people, and I get to walk with no rush.

So, no, I can’t finish the challenge for day 4. I can’t do less-frown commuting. I have done no-frown one after all. 🙂


Regards from the lucky girl,



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