Another New Year to Pass

This is the sixth day of 2016. Not too late for a little talk about resolutions, right?

As a person who loves to make list and plan everything (I even make plan to make plans), new year resolutions are totally my thing. Since I was 15 years old, I think, I had made plans about the better version of me in the following year. Of course, some plans took more than a year to be done. I didn’t even remember that I once planned them when I finally achieved the ones I planned to get. Haha.

However, on the night when fireworks woke me up at 00.00 on the first day of 2016, I had no resolutions at all. Life has been so good to me lately. I am happy and content with the life I am living (finally, this kind of feeling!), something that I consider to be the most important thing to achieve in personal life, so I don’t feel the urge to make list about what to fix about myself.

But it is not me if I can’t find what to fix about my very own life. Yesterday I came up with a list consisted of 39 things I needed to do in 2016. The list includes more books, increased wellness, being discipline, and the most important: BEING PRESENT.

Being present has been my resolution since 2015 and I failed gracefully. I spread myself too thin, had a lot in my plate, and in a condition where you are supposed to be in two places at one time, it is impossible to be present at all. I need to fix this. I actually really want to be able to be present all the time, or at least when I am with the ones I love, so I decide to put “BE PRESENT” again in my resolution list this year. Wish me luck!

Speaking of resolutions, I found a list of resolutions I’d like to copy, for the sake of elevating the quality of life I’m living. Of course, listed by my most favorite idea curator, Maria Popova.

Also, on the second day of 2016, I scrolled down my e-mail inbox and found one interesting mail from Huffington Post. It has a 30-day challenge of happiness. Of course I signed up! Will write about this later. 🙂

Anyway, what do you have in your list?


Wish you a good year ahead,




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